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EHIME-Fly - Drosophila Stock of Ehime University (DSEU) -EHIME-Fly - Drosophila Stock of Ehime University (DSEU) -EHIME-Fly - Drosophila Stock of Ehime University (DSEU) -
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 Photographs of 133 species of Drosophila in Drosophila stocks of Ehime University

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1.   Genus Drosophila
1-1.   Subgenus Sophophora
1-1-1.   melanogaster species group
1-1-1-1.   ananassae species subgroup
1-1-1-2.   melanogaster species subgroup
1-1-1-3.   montium species subgroup
1-1-1-4.   suzukii species subgroup
1-1-1-5.   takahashii species subgroup
1-1-1-6.   others
1-1-2.   obscura species group
1-1-3.   willistoni species group
1-1-4.   saltans species group
1-2.   Subgenus Drosophila
1-2-1.   immigrans species group
1-2-2.   repleta species group
1-2-3.   polychaeta species group
1-2-4.   quinaria species group
1-2-5.   virilis species group
1-2-6.   others
1-3.   Subgenus Dorsilopha
2.   Genus Chymomyza
3.   Genus Colocasiomyia
4.   Genus Hirtodrosophila
5.   Genus Scaptodrosophila
6.   Genus Zaprionus

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