Detailed Information [107850]
Strain Information
DGRC Number 107850
Strain D. simulans C167.4
Received Date 18 December 2002
Original Number 4736
Comments Received from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center.
Original Comments Fertile hybrid females are produced from crosses of this strain to D. melanogaster In(1)AB, f[1] (#4738) males, K.C. 8/27/98
Genus Drosophila
Subgenus Sophophora
Species Group melanogaster
Species Subgroup melanogaster
Species simulans
Last update 2020-04-03
Research papers using this strain
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Jagannathan M, Yamashita YM.
Defective Satellite DNA Clustering into Chromocenters Underlies Hybrid Incompatibility in Drosophila.
Mol Biol Evol (2021) 38(11) 4977-4986 [PubMed ID = 34302471] [RRC reference]

Zhu CT, Ingelmo P, Rand DM.
G×G×E for lifespan in Drosophila: mitochondrial, nuclear, and dietary interactions that modify longevity.
PLoS Genet (2014) 10(5) e1004354 [PubMed ID = 24832080] [RRC reference]