Detailed Information [116076]

Strain Information
DGRC Number 116076
Genotype with FlyBase Link w[*]; Dk[E34] / TM6C, Sb / TM2
Genotype w*; DkE34 / TM6C, Sb / TM2
Received Date 31 March 2014
Original Number 1800
Also known as E34
Original Source Hiroshi Matsubayashi, Kyoto Institute of Technology
Original Comments Dk[E34] is a dominant, maternal-effect, and female-specific-lethal mutation, mapped to 67E5-67F2. Initially isolated as an EMS-induced dominant enhancer of w variegation phenotype of P{w[+mW.hs]=lwB}160[R34]. A possible allele of the Daughter killer gene (Dk) based on mapping data and phenotypic similarities. Since there is a possibility that the Dk is lost from the stock (fixed to TM6C/TM2), care must be taken to ensure the existence of e[+] individuals. Matsubayashi H. (unpublished).
Genus Drosophila
Subgenus Sophophora
Species Group melanogaster
Species Subgroup melanogaster
Species melanogaster
Last update 2020-04-03
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