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The copyright of this site is held by Department of Drosophila Genomics and Genetic Resources, Kyoto Institute of Technology.

The illustration for our logo was drawn by Kosuke Kimura (Wikipedia (jp) , Wikipedia (fr)), an artist and the former president of Kyoto Institute of Technology.

Connection to FlyBase

A link to FlyBase can be found at Links to and from FlyBase

We made links to FlyBase for gene symbols and CG numbers. Links were generated by "http://flybase.org/search/symbol/Fbgn/'gene symbol or CGxxxxx'". Some queries to FlyBase do not work.


If you wish to make a link to the KYOTO Stock Center (DGRC) website, please use our top page https://kyotofly.kit.jp .

To search directly from your site, use the links as follows: https://kyotofly.kit.jp/cgi-bin/stocks/search_res_det.cgi?DB_NUM=1&DG_NUM='DGRCNumber'


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