Detailed Information [115009]

Strain Information
DGRC Number 115009
Genotype with FlyBase Link w[1118]; PBac{602.P.SVS-1}for[CPTI000091]
Genotype w1118; PBac{602.P.SVS-1}forCPTI000091
Break points/Insertion Site 24A2
Received Date 12 February 2009
Original Number 000091
Chromosome 2
Comments Flannotator: CPTI-000091

FlyBase Insertion: PBac{602.P.SVS-1}for[CPTI000091]

Also known as CPTI-000091
Original Source Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge
Original Comments Location: 3633496
Chromosome: 2L
Gene CG: CG10033
Gene Name: for
Gene Feature: intron_CG10033:3_CG10033:4
YFP Status: Confirmed - Yes
In frame: Yes
Jumps from:
Batch no:
Notes: Homozygotes have wing-vein defect

Stock report in FlyProt
Element name:CPTI-000091Line ID: 1Eye colour:pale yellow
Donor:602.20a (Males)Construct:PIGP3{SVS-1}Lethality:homozygous lethal
YFP expression?YesBalancer:SM6aChromosome:2
homozygotes (escapers) have disrupted wing-veins

General Information CPTI

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Library & Clone Information
Library Name / Clone Name PBac{602.P.SVS-1}for[CPTI000091]
Strand Plus
Insertion Point 2L:3633496..3633496
Chromosome Band 2L
Sequence Comment Data from FlyBase (insertion_mapping_fb_2011_09.tsv)