Detailed Information [115010]

Strain Information
DGRC Number 115010
Genotype with FlyBase Link w[1118]; PBac{602.P.SVS-1}CPTI000113
Genotype w1118; PBac{602.P.SVS-1}CPTI000113
Break points/Insertion Site 87A2
Received Date 12 February 2009
Original Number 000113
Chromosome 3
Comments Flannotator: CPTI-000113

FlyBase Insertion: PBac{602.P.SVS-1}CPTI000113

Also known as CPTI-000113
Original Source Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge
Original Comments Location: 7771278
Chromosome: 3R
Gene CG: -
Gene Name: no gene
Gene Feature: -
YFP Status: Confirmed - Yes
In frame: -
Jumps from:
Batch no:

Stock report in FlyProt
Element name:CPTI-000113Line ID: 1Eye colour:yellow
Donor:602.20a (Males)Construct:PIGP3{SVS-1}Lethality:viable
YFP expression?YesBalancer:TM6CChromosome:3
YFP checked +ve Sept 09. .plate 146 seq suggests insert in 'no gene' 3R:7771728. .Plate 183 confirms. . Also confirmed by 5' RACE - 3R:7773135..7773365 adjacent to CG31211
General Information CPTI
Reference Lowe N, Rees JS, Roote J, Ryder E, Armean IM, Johnson G, Drummond E, Spriggs H, Drummond J, Magbanua JP, Naylor H, Sanson B, Bastock R, Huelsmann S, Trovisco V, Landgraf M, Knowles-Barley S, Armstrong JD, White-Cooper H, Hansen C, Phillips RG, UK Drosophila Protein Trap Screening Consortium, Lilley KS, Russell S, St Johnston D.
Analysis of the expression patterns, subcellular localisations and interaction partners of Drosophila proteins using a pigP protein trap library.
Development (2014) 141(20) 3994-4005 [RRC reference]

Lye CM, Naylor HW, Sanson B.
Subcellular localisations of the CPTI collection of YFP-tagged proteins in Drosophila embryos.
Development (2014) 141(20) 4006-17 [RRC reference]
Last update 2017-11-23
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Library & Clone Information
Library Name / Clone Name PBac{602.P.SVS-1}CPTI000113
Strand Plus
Insertion Point 3R:7771278..7771278
Chromosome Band 3R
Sequence Comment Data from FlyBase (insertion_mapping_fb_2011_09.tsv)