Detailed Information [116853]

Strain Information
DGRC Number 116853
Genotype with FlyBase Link y[1] w[*] schlank[B] P{ry[+t7.2]=neoFRT}19A / FM7c, P{w[+mC]=GAL4-Kr.C}DC1, P{w[+mC]=UAS-GFP.S65T}DC5, sn[+]
Genotype y1 w* schlankB P{ry+t7.2=neoFRT}19A / FM7c, P{w+mC=GAL4-Kr.C}DC1, P{w+mC=UAS-GFP.S65T}DC5, sn+
Related Genes schlank
Received Date 20 April 2015
Original Number 2744
Chromosome 1
Also known as XIYF043
Original Source Shinya Yamamoto and Hugo J. Bellen, Baylor College of Medicine
General Information EMS_X_lethals
Genus Drosophila
Subgenus Sophophora
Species Group melanogaster
Species Subgroup melanogaster
Species melanogaster
Reference Yamamoto S, Jaiswal M, Charng WL, Gambin T, Karaca E, Mirzaa G, Wiszniewski W, Sandoval H, Haelterman NA, Xiong B, Zhang K, Bayat V, David G, Li T, Chen K, Gala U, Harel T, Pehlivan D, Penney S, Vissers LELM, de Ligt J, Jhangiani SN, Xie Y, Tsang SH, Parman Y, Sivaci M, Battaloglu E, Muzny D, Wan YW, Liu Z, Lin-Moore AT, Clark RD, Curry CJ, Link N, Schulze KL, Boerwinkle E, Dobyns WB, Allikmets R, Gibbs RA, Chen R, Lupski JR, Wangler MF, Bellen HJ.
A drosophila genetic resource of mutants to study mechanisms underlying human genetic diseases.
Cell (2014) 159(1) 200-214 [RRC reference]

Haelterman NA, Jiang L, Li Y, Bayat V, Sandoval H, Ugur B, Tan KL, Zhang K, Bei D, Xiong B, Charng WL, Busby T, Jawaid A, David G, Jaiswal M, Venken KJ, Yamamoto S, Chen R, Bellen HJ.
Large-scale identification of chemically induced mutations in Drosophila melanogaster.
Genome Res (2014) 24(10) 1707-18 [RRC reference]
Last update 2020-10-19
Research papers using this strain
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Graves HK, Jangam S, Tan KL, Pignata A, Seto ES, Yamamoto S, Wangler MF.
A Genetic Screen for Genes That Impact Peroxisomes in Drosophila Identifies Candidate Genes for Human Disease.
G3 (Bethesda) (2020) 10(1) 69-77 [PubMed ID = 31767637] [RRC reference]
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