Detailed Information [104055]

Strain Information
DGRC Number 104055
Genotype with FlyBase Link y[*] w[*]; P{w[+mW.hs]=GawB}NP1624 / CyO, P{w[-]=UAS-lacZ.UW14}UW14
Genotype y* w*; P{w+mW.hs=GawB}NP1624 / CyO, P{w-=UAS-lacZ.UW14}UW14
Break points/Insertion Site 37E2; -; 37E3
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Related Genes CG10026 CG10034
Original Number 1624
Chromosome 2
Comments FlyBase Insertion: P{GawB}NP1624

NP line. Received from the National Institute of Genetics.

Also known as tj-GAL4, tj-Gal4, traffic jam-Gal4, traffic jam-GAL4
Balancer CyUW14
Cluster id 1243
General Information NP_lines
Genus Drosophila
Subgenus Sophophora
Species Group melanogaster
Species Subgroup melanogaster
Species melanogaster
Lethality lethal
Embryonic Expression sg
Larval GFP sg
Larval X-gal sg
Adult GFP weak
Reference Hayashi S, Ito K, Sado Y, Taniguchi M, Akimoto A, Takeuchi H, Aigaki T, Matsuzaki F, Nakagoshi H, Tanimura T, Ueda R, Uemura T, Yoshihara M, Goto S.
GETDB, a database compiling expression patterns and molecular locations of a collection of Gal4 enhancer traps.
Genesis (2002) 34(1-2) 58-61 [RRC reference]
Last update 2020-04-03
Research papers using this strain
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Chatterjee D, Cong F, Wang XF, Machado Costa CA, Huang YC, Deng WM.
Cell polarity opposes Jak/STAT-mediated Escargot activation that drives intratumor heterogeneity in a Drosophila tumor model.
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RDC complex executes a dynamic piRNA program during Drosophila spermatogenesis to safeguard male fertility.
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Yoon Woo Park
Traffic Jam is Required during Ovary Development and at the Adult Stage to Maintain a Functional Drosophila Ovarian Stem Cell Niche
(2019) [RRC reference]
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Library & Clone Information
Library Name / Clone Name np / np26025_0807
Strand Plus
Insertion Point 19442138
Chromosome Band 2L
Flanking Sequence