Detailed Information [105935]

Strain Information
DGRC Number 105935
Genotype with FlyBase Link Dl[3] / In(3R)C, sprd[1] e[1]
Genotype Dl3 / In(3R)C, sprd1 e1
Received Date 06 November 2002
Original Number 483
Chromosome 3
Comments Received from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center.
Date Added at Bloomington 4/1/1987
Original Source Caltech Stock Center
Original Comments no e homozygotes, L.C.
Last update 2015-08-20
Research papers using this strain
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Imai Y, Kobayashi Y, Inoshita T, Meng H, Arano T, Uemura K, Asano T, Yoshimi K, Zhang CL, Matsumoto G, Ohtsuka T, Kageyama R, Kiyonari H, Shioi G, Nukina N, Hattori N, Takahashi R.
The Parkinson's Disease-Associated Protein Kinase LRRK2 Modulates Notch Signaling through the Endosomal Pathway.
PLoS Genet. (2015) 11(9) e1005503 [PubMed ID = 26355680] [RRC reference]
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