Detailed Information [109822]

Strain Information
DGRC Number 109822
Genotype with FlyBase Link y[1] w[*] cv[1] sqh[AX3]; P{w[+mC]=sqh-GFP.RLC}C-42 M{w[+mC]=Ubi-TagRFP-T-CAAX}ZH-22A
Genotype y1 w* cv1 sqhAX3; P{w+mC=sqh-GFP.RLC}C-42 M{w+mC=Ubi-TagRFP-T-CAAX}ZH-22A
Received Date 10 Apr 2013
Chromosome 1; 2
Also known as y[1] w[*] cv[1] sqh[AX3]; P{w[+mC]=sqh-GFP.RLC}C-42, P[ubi-TagRFP-T-CAAX]22A
Original Source Shigeo Hayashi, Riken CDB
Original Comments This strain permits simultaneous imaging of myosin 2 (GFP) and plasma membrane (RFP).
Genus Drosophila
Subgenus Sophophora
Species Group melanogaster
Species Subgroup melanogaster
Species melanogaster
Last update 2020-04-03
Research papers using this strain
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Sanchez-Corrales YE, Blanchard GB, Roper K.
Correct regionalization of a tissue primordium is essential for coordinated morphogenesis.
Elife (2021) 10 [PubMed ID = 34723792] [RRC reference]

Sanchez-Corrales YE, Blanchard GB, Roper K.
Radially patterned cell behaviours during tube budding from an epithelium.
Elife (2018) 7 [PubMed ID = 30015616] [RRC reference]

Sun T, Song Y, Dai J, Mao D, Ma M, Ni JQ, Liang X, Pastor-Pareja JC.
Spectraplakin Shot Maintains Perinuclear Microtubule Organization in Drosophila Polyploid Cells.
Dev Cell (2019) 49(5) 731-747.e7 [PubMed ID = 31006649] [RRC reference]
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