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For documents available from this server, KYOTO Drosophila Stock Center, Kyoto Institute of Technology does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information.

We provide fly stocks donated by reserchers for Drosophila research, and maintained as the original stock maintaining condition. Please examine phenotype(s) of the flies you received before using them for your experiments. Comments section in our database may contain information for the stock's phenotype that may have been lost even if the stock is described as corresponding genotype provided by the depositor. We cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of phenotype(s) because expression of visible markers may vary depending on genetic background, rearing condition, unexpected mutations and others. We sometimes find the artificially modified transposable element is lost from the stock, especially in the genome-widely generated insertion lines. Although we are making lots of effort to remove such variants from lines and our list, stocks not bearing insertion (such as white-eyed flies) may remain.

In our database we provide other, non-visible phenotypic and/or molecular information that was provided by depositors. However, we do not guarantee non-visible phenotype, such as sterility, lethality and others, and also molecular information, such as the insertion point of P-element, nucleotide sequence of the genome and others. You may find additional information in the comments section of each stock or on FlyBase.

We welcome your feedback that may be added in our database to improve our stock information. Please send your comments to us at Web form.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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