Guidance to make orders Drosophila stocks from KYOTO Drosophila Stock Center, and Q & A

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 How to request stocks
1. Register yourself.

2. Select stocks by stock numbers from our stock lists and send your request.

Users in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and USA
should note that we do not send Drosophila stocks without "import permit" or "label(s)".
We recommend you to arrange the import permits before you make orders from us.

 How to register
Please register yourself with the KYOTO Drosophila Stock Center before you make any requests.

Please use the registration form.

After registration is completed, you will receive your DGRC ID number. Please use your DGRC ID when requesting stocks.

 How to request stocks in BULK
If you are not looking for stocks of specific genotypes, but planning to place orders of many stocks for screening experiments, for example, click "Advanced search" in Order and select as many stocks you need for a week.

If the number reaches to the maximum of the week shipping schedule (320 for a person per week/ 750 for a week total), you will be asked to order next week, since we send out stocks once a week.

If you encounter any problem in the ordering process, please send mail to KYOTO Drosophila Stock Center.

 Fees and payment

The payment is accepted only by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Dinners Club). We provide an online payment system by credit card through a cryptographically protected connection, SSL (Secure Socket Layer). To finish placing the order, you have to fulfill your credit card information (such as card numbers and expiration date), but these information will NOT be transmitted to KYOTO Drosophila Stock Center.

Fees from October 2019 (Japanese Yen basis)

Handling fee per stock
Handling fee per shipment
Postage per package
D. melanogaster/
D. simulans
Other than
D. melanogaster/
D. simulans
Non-profit Japan 235 290 1080 Actual cost
Overseas 230 280 1280 Actual cost
Profit Japan 470 580 2160 Actual cost
Overseas 460 560 2560 Actual cost
Japan: Consumption tax is included.
Overseas: Consumption tax is exempt.
We send:
- One vial per stock for D. melanogaster/D. simulans
- Two vials per stock for the other species

 Shipping Schedule

KYOTO Drosophila Stock Center sends out fly stocks every Wednesday (once a week).
During the holidays below, the shipment will be stopped, although fly request and registration services are available.

Holiday Closing for Shipment in 2023

Holiday Closing
Spring Holidays: 27 April - 9 May 2023
Summer Holidays: 10- 22 August 2023
Autumn Holidays: No holiday closing
New Year Holidays: 14 December 2023 - 9 January 2024

  Shipment choice
Shipment by EMS courier service and ordinary air mail at your choice. The fly stocks will be sent by EMS (Express Mail Service: a traceable courier service run by the Post Office in some countries) as default instead of ordinary air mail, because EMS provides Item Numbers with which users can trace on the web where the fly stocks are, and many users request to use the EMS. In terms of shipping cost EMS is more expensive (see Postage Rate). If you would prefer your stock package to be sent by ordinary air mail (note that you cannot trace the package), please indicate your choice to "Air Mail".


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