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Young genes Young genes with mutant or insertion stocks
Disease Ontology Strains of Which Mutation and/or Insertion Is Related to Human Disease
miRNA miRNA knockout and UAS miRNA collections
NP lines GAL4 enhancer trap lines
GAL4 / GAL80 Stage- and/or tissue-specific, or non-specific expression of GAL4 / GAL80 blocks GAL4 activity
GS lines Gene Search System: Forced expression induced by GAL4
LA lines Mae-UAS.6.11 Insertions: Misexpression induced by GAL4
UAS UAS responders
FlyTrap GFP fusion protein expression lines (Protein Trap)
CPTI Cambridge Protein Trap Insertion
YFP fusion protein expression lines
GFP, YFP, RFP etc. Fluorescent protein insertion lines
phiC31 (φC31) phiC31 Integration System Components
P element mutagenesis P element mutagenesis starter kits and controls
Wild type stocks Wild type stocks of D. melanogaster
Other species Species other than D. melanogaster
MARCM Mosaic Analysis with a Repressible Cell Marker system
EMS X lethals X lethal lines with FRT from Bellen's lab
FRT-lethal (BruinFly) Lethal lines with FRT and ey-FLP
FRT FRT (FLP recombination target) strains
FLP Flipase producing lines
DrosDel lines Deletion lines generated by FRT-mediated recombination
Deficiency Kits Selected deficiency strains
Deficiencies Genome wide deficiencies
RS lines FRT-carrying insertions can be used as docking sites
Duplication Kit 1 Selected duplication strains for the X chromosome
T(1;Y) & T(Y;A) Translocations between X and Y, or between Y and autosomes
Mapping Marker strains useful for recombination (classical) mapping
Balancers Stocks carrying balancer(s)
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10 July 2018

 New Fee Structure From August 2017
(JPY) Japan Overseas
Handling fees per stock 200 195
Handling fees per package 1275 1425
Postage per package (actual cost)

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Import permit was changed by USDA. If you have a courtesy permit and a Letter of No Jurisdiction, please upload both of the document during order process.
If you have a courtesy permit, but have not a Letter of No Jurisdiction, please send us a real Blue/White label.
If you have a standard permit, please send us a real Blue/White or Red/White label.
1 April 2014

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12 April 2017
 Fly Delivery by Express Mail System (EMS)
The fly stocks are admitted by Japan Post Service Co., Ltd. to be delivered by Express Mail Service (EMS): a traceable courier service to some countries. EMS provides Item Numbers to trace packages, and significantly fast delivery. Please select Air Mail or EMS to send fly stocks.
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9 April 2010