GS lines to be discarded in FY2022

Due to the need to make room for new collections, we determined to remove 2285 GS insertion lines. Stocks will be available for order as usual through the shipment on January 25, 2023.

If you think that we should continue to maintain specific insertions of the collection at the KYOTO Drosophila Stock Center, please contact us via our web-mail site (

We deeply appreciate Dr. Toshiro Aigaki and his co-workers for the kind contribution to the KYOTO Drosophila Stock Center.

List to be discarded in FY2022

The lines are listed in

How to place an order

  • Go to KYOTO Drosophila Stock Center top page
  • Click Stock# tab above the search box
  • Input stock numbers (DGRC#s) separated by a space, a comma, a semicolon, or a new line. You can copy them from the spreadsheet and paste them into the search box (Stock# tab).
  • Click Search button
  • Order as usual

Note: You can jump to each stock information page from the links provided in the Link_to_KyotoStockCenter column of the Excel file.

DEADLINE: 19 January 2023 3:00 am GMT = 19 January 2023 11:59 am JST

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