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CPTI: Cambridge Protein Trap Insertion

CPTI, YFP fusion protein expression lines:

Created by UK laboratories using a hybrid piggyBac/P-element protein trap construct with 3xFLAG-Strep-venus-Strep containing

  • Splice acceptor and donor sites
  • Two affinity purification tags (StrepII and FLAG)
  • A functional Venus YFP exon

Constructs are PIGP3{SVS-A} (601) and PIGP3{FSVS-A} (681). Lineages of protein trap constructs are found at a FlyProt page:

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See also: FlyProt Database at University of Cambridge


At present, balancers are not shown in the genotype. Some stocks have a balancer chromosome, and the others not. Please carefully examine the line before you use.


Please cite the following papers

  • Lowe N et al (2014) Analysis of the expression patterns, subcellular localisations and interaction partners of Drosophila proteins using a pigP protein trap library.
    Development 141:3994-4005
    doi: 10.1242/dev.111054
  • Lye CM, Naylor HW, Sanson B (2014) Subcellular localisations of the CPTI collection of YFP-tagged proteins in Drosophila embryos.
    Development 141:4006-4017
    doi: 10.1242/dev.111310

Detailed information

Click a hyperlink to Flannotation (FlyProt Database) for each stock in the Comment section.

CPTI Starter Strains

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DGRC#GenotypeOriginal Genotype
115633w[1118] isogenicw[1118] isogenic
115634w[1118] / Dp(2;Y)G, P{w[+mC]=hs-hid}Yw[1118]/Y, hs-hid
115635w[1118] / Dp(2;Y)G, P{w[+mC]=hs-hid}Y; Herm{3xP3-ECFP,alphatub-piggyBacK10}M6w[1118]/Y, hs-hid; J6
115636w[1118]; Herm{3xP3-ECFP,alphatub-piggyBacK10}M6 / (CyO); MKRS / TM6B, Tb[1]w[1118]; J6/(CyO); MKRS/TM6B
115637w[1118]; Herm{3xP3-ECFP,alphatub-piggyBacK10}M6 / (SM1)w[1118]; J6/(SM1)
115638w[1118] / Dp(2;Y)G, P{w[+mC]=hs-hid}Y; Herm{3xP3-ECFP,alphatub-piggyBacK10}M10 / TM3, Sb[1] Ser[1]w[1118]/Y, hs-hid; J10/TM3
115639w[1118]; Herm{3xP3-ECFP,alphatub-piggyBacK10}M10 / TM6C, Sb[1]w[1118]; J10/TM6C
115640w[1118]; In(2LR)Gla, wg[Gla-1] / CyO; Herm{3xP3-ECFP,alphatub-piggyBacK10}M10 / MKRSw[1118]; Gla/CyO; J10/MKRS
115641w[1118] PBac544{w[+mC]=SVS-1}KH3.22aw[1118] 544-KH3.22a (X)
115642w[1118]; PIGP602{SVS-1}9aw[1118]; 602.9a (ch 3)
115643w[1118]; PIGP602{SVS-1}20aw[1118]; 602.20a (ch 3)
115644w[1118]; PIGP602{SVS-1}10a-11w[1118]; 602.10a-11 (ch 4)
115645w[1118] PIGP681{FSVS-1}1aw[1118] 681.1a (X)
115646w[1118]; TM3, Sb[1], PIGP681{FSVS-1}4 / P{w[+mC]=hs-hid}3, Dr[1]w[1118]; 681-4, TM3/Dr, hs-hid
115647w[1118]; In(2LR)Gla, PIGP681{FSVS-1}24, wg[Gla-1] / P{w[+mC]=hs-hid}2, wg[Sp-1]w[1118]; 681-24, Gla/Sp, hs-hid
115648w[1118]; CyO, PIGP681{FSVS-1}21 / Scow[1118]; 681-21, CyO/Sco
115649w[1118] PIGP754{FSVS-0}3F2w[1118] 754-3F2 (X)
115650w[1118]; CyO, PIGP754{FSVS-0}C2 / P{w[+mC]=hs-hid}2, wg[Sp-1]w[1118]; 754-C2, CyO/Sp, hs-hid
115651w[1118]; In(2LR)Gla, wg[Gla-1], PIGP754{FSVS-0}E2 / CyO, PIGP754{FSVS-0}H2w[1118]; 754-E2, Gla/
115652w[1118]; MKRS, PIGP754{FSVS-0}J2 / TM6B, Tb[1], PIGP754{FSVS-0}768-J1w[1118]; 754-J2, MKRS/768-J1, TM6B
115653w[1118] PBac768{FSVS-0}2-9-1w[1118] 768-2-9-1 (X)
115654w[1118]; TM6B, Tb[1], PBac768{FSVS-0}H1 / P{w[+mC]=hs-hid}3, Dr[1]w[1118]; 768-H1, TM6B/Dr, hs-hid
115655w[1118]; TM6B, Tb[1], PBac768{FSVS-0}J1 / MKRS, PBac768{FSVS-0}V1w[1118]; 768-J1, TM6B/768-V1, MKRS
115656w[1118] PBac769{FSVS-1}1-4-1w[1118]; 769-1-4-1 (X)
115657w[1118]; MKRS, PIGP802{SVS-2}1 / TM6B, Tb[1]w[1118]; 802.1, MKRS/TM6B
115658w[1118]; In(2LR)Gla, wg[Gla-1], PIGP802{SVS-2}2-2 / SM6aw[1118]; 802-2-2, Gla/SM6a
115659w[1118]; MKRS, PIGP803{SVS-0}21 / TM6B, Tb[1]w[1118]; 803-21, MKRS/TM6B
115660w[1118]; PBac806{LOX-SVS-2}2-2w[1118]; 806-2-2 (ch 2)
115661w[1118]; MKRS, PBac806{LOX-SVS-2}2 / TM6B, Tb[1], PBac806{LOX-SVS-2}1w[1118]; 806-2, MKRS/806-1, TM6B
115662w[1118]; PIGP810{FSVS-2}810w[1118]; 810 (ch 3)
115663w[1118]; MKRS, PIGP810{FSVS-2}5 / TM2w[1118]; 810-5, MKRS/TM2

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