How To Donate Drosophila Stocks To KYOTO Stock Center (DGRC)

To accelerate the donation process, please send the stock list FIRST. The list should include the following information:

1) Stock genotype. FlyBase-based genotype is preferable, but any format that is convenient for you is acceptable. A transgene, especially one that is inserted to a non-genic or undetermined region, should be specified by an insertion identifier (see Note below).

2) Reference paper or papers. If not published, please write a report on the origin, phenotype, and other characteristics of the stock, or mutation, or transgene construct. We also strongly recommend that the provider inform the FlyBase of the stock’s donation to KYOTO Stock Center (DGRC) via a personal communication.

3) Stock number for the curation process, when you are willing to donate a lot of stocks. Stock number in your laboratory is acceptable. We just need this not to make a mistake. This stock number will be later replaced with a DGRC number.

Stocks that we can and cannot accept:

  • More than two (2) alleles at a single locus cannot be accepted, if they do not differ in their phenotype.
  • More than three (3) stocks carrying an identical transgene construct cannot be accepted, if they do not differ in their phenotype. In such a case, only insertions on different chromosome are acceptable.
  • More than ten (10) wild-type stocks collected at a single site and on the same date cannot be accepted. Exceptionally, we may accept stocks with DNA sequence, or expression, or other useful data beyond this limit.
  • Even if stocks do not have a new mutant or new transgene insertion, we will accept useful stocks with a combination of known mutations, transgene insertions, or others. Please provide a reference paper or papers about the stock.

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See also Acquisition Policy

Nomenclature of transgenic insertion

Insertion identifier (e.g., "A45" in P{A92}A45 ) should be given according to FlyBase, especially to unmapped insertions. If there is no FlyBase information, it should be the number or symbol used in your reference paper.

Construct symbol (e.g., P{A92} ) only is not sufficient. If neither number nor name is given to the insertion, you should give an identifier to the insertion. A symbol must be unique and as simple as possible; acceptable characters are a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and hyphen (-).

If the construct symbol is not registered in FlyBase, the one you named is used. If the construct symbol registered in FlyBase differs from the one you gave, we correct the construct symbol according to FlyBase without notifying the provider.

If an insertion is found to be inserted in a gene, the gene symbol will be added to the insertion identifier and the symbol, such as "A45", will be bracketed with “[“ and “]” (superscripted) as an allele symbol, without notifying to the provider.

We always make an effort to include visible marker information in a construct symbol. Please inform us of marker information, such as w[+] and y[+]. We believe that P{w[+mC]=lacW} is more informative and useful for the users than P{lacW}.

Insertion identifier for an insertion to an attP docking site is usually a combination of the construct symbol and the docking site. For example (DGRC# 109864),
P{y[+t7.7] w[+mC]=UASp-sra.T}attP40

See FlyBase Nomenclature at http://flybase.org/wiki/FlyBase:Nomenclature

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