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GFP, YFP, RFP etc.

Fluorescent protein insertion lines

GFP, YFP, DsRed and others insertion lines are available. This collection is useful for studying protein trafficking and localization. One of the main lines in this collection, which has the inserted construct consists of either the UAS fused with GFP/YFP/DsRed alone, or the UAS fused with GFP/YFP/DsRed and the coding region of a gene of interest. The expression of UAS-reporter gene construct is driven by the GAL4 driver. Also available are lines which have the inserted construct of a gene's natural or inducible promoter fused with GFP/YFP/DsRed. More than 100 lines are available for distribution.

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The strains for MARCM analysis and Protein Trap lines are NOT included in this category.


DGRC NumberGenotype
109594y[1] w[*]; P{UAS-mCherry::CAAX}KK2
109595y[1] w[*]; P{UAS-mCherry::CAAX}KK3

Due to request of Dr Tsien who developed mCherry construct, we need to have a copy of MTA (Material Transfer Agreement) between the user of the strain carrying mCherry and Dr Tsien. Please make MTA with Dr Tsien by procedure shown in below and kindly send a copy of MTA to us. When we received a copy of MTA, we will be able to send the strain to you.


  1. Request the fly stock at this site .
  2. Go to the website of Dr Tsien lab at .
  3. Download an MTA form (pdf file).
  4. Fill the MTA form and fax it to Dr Tsien's. We recommend the sentence in the box below as the "Description of Material Provided".
    mCherry-CAAX transgenic fly from
    Drosophila Genetic Resource Center, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan.
  5. Send a copy of the MTA to Kyoto DGRC by email (reply to the confirmation email) or fax (+81-75-861-0881).
  6. Kyoto DGRC sends the flystock(s) to you.

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