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GS lines

Gene Search System: Forced expression induced by GAL4

GS lines are insertion lines of the P{GS} element (gene search vector) and generated by the Drosophila Gene Search Project organized by Toshiro Aigaki, Department of Biological Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University. In the vectors, there are some variation according to the number and direction of UAS, availability of GFP marker or Cre-loxP flipping system (P{GSV1}, P{GSV2}, P{GSV3}, P{GSV6} and P{GSV7}). All versions have ability to transcribe adjacent genomic region forcedly depending on the GAL4 expression. All insertions were mapped to the genome sequence, which can be searched by gene symbol, CG number, CT number, or cytological map position. We have about 6,900 lines available for distribution.

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See also: Drosophila Gene Search Project at Tokyo Metropolitan University

How can I get detailed information on a specific stock?

A. Example for DGRC# 204405
DGRC# 204405 is GS 12961. Go to the Drosophila Gene Search Project (DGSP) at You can use "Chromosome Map View" page.

Search for GS number 12961. You will find data including nucleotide map and sequences. The page is below.


(If you cannot open the page, go to the home of . Then you can open the above page. You should also activate cookies of your browser. The DGSP page uses cookie information of the browser.)

No balancer?

The P{GS} insertions are usually balanced as described, but some lines have lost their balancer chromosomes. Because not all of GS lines are lethal or sterile, the lines of which homozygotes are viable and fertile may have been fixed as homozygous lines for their insertion chromosome. We do not check the present status of homozygosity of each line. Please carefully examine the line before you use.

Extra balancer?

There are several GS lines possessing a balancer chromosome not described in genotype. For example, the P{GS} insertion is the second chromosome, but the flies seem to be Cy and Sb. If we find these cases, we add comments about it, but it is not completed. Please carefully examine the line before you use.


Gakuta Toba, Takashi Ohsako, Naomasa Miyata, Tsuyoshi Ohtsuka, Ki-Hyeon Seong, and Toshiro Aigaki. The Gene Search System: A Method for Efficient Detection and Rapid Molecular Identification of Genes in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics, Vol. 151, 725-737, February 1999

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