Veterinary Cost in Germany

All parcels containing Drosophila stocks sent to Germany are inspected by veterinary station in the import clearance procedure.

The veterinary cost and import duty/tax are 110 euros, which are first paid by Deutsche Post AG during the customs clearance. Then, the consignee (the user) will be billed for these costs before or upon the delivery of the parcel.

Since these are the costs incurred after the entry of Germany, DGRC Kyoto should not be in charge of the matter. The 110 euros are NOT included in the fees of Drosophila stocks.

Please understand that the user is expected to pay 110 euros in order to receive fly stocks.

Since other courier service companies, such as DHL Japan and FedEx Japan, do not accept Drosophila stocks, the postal service (from Japan Post to Deutsche Post) is the only way at present to send our fly stocks to Germany.

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Last-modified: 20 Jun 2012 (Wed) 14:41:07 (4326d)