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NP lines

GAL4 enhancer trap lines

NP lines (GETDB lines) are Gal4 enhancer trap lines (P{GawB} element-insertion lines) of which 3' flanking sequences of the inserted element, expression pattern and affected gene(s) were examined. We have about 4,300 lines available for distribution.

All contents of GETDB (Gal4 Enhancer Trap Insertion Database) are integrated into the database of Drosophila Genetic Resource Center, Kyoto Institute of Technology. Although you may not search for stocks, the legacy pages ( ) may help you understand how and by whom the "NP stocks" were made.

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NP Lines Expression Data

Expression data of NP lines are summarized here.

No balancer?

The P{GawB} insertions are usually balanced as described, but some lines have lost their balancer chromosomes. Because not all of NP lines are lethal or sterile, the lines of which homozygotes are viable and fertile may have been fixed as homozygous lines for their insertion chromosome. We do not check the present status of homozygosity of each line. Please carefully examine the line before you use.

Extra balancer?

There are several NP lines possessing a balancer chromosome not described in genotype. For example, the P{GawB} insertion is the second chromosome, but the flies seem to be Cy and Sb. If we find these cases, we add comments about it, but it is not completed. Please carefully examine the line before you use.

yellow or yellow+?

Some lines are y whereas their genotype says no y, others are y+ whereas their genotype y. If we find these cases, we change their genotype, but it is not completed. Please carefully examine the line before you use.

Reference on GETDB

Hayashi S, Ito K, Sado Y, Taniguchi M, Akimoto A, Takeuchi H, Aigaki T, Matsuzaki F, Nakagoshi H, Tanimura T, Ueda R, Uemura T, Yoshihara M, Goto S. GETDB, a database compiling expression patterns and molecular locations of a collection of gal4 enhancer traps. Genesis. 2002 Sep-Oct;34(1-2):58-61. DOI: 10.1002/gene.10137


NP stands for "Nippon Project"

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