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DrosDel lines

Deletion lines generated by European group

This is a collection of molecularly mapped deletions of Drosophila melanogaster on an isogenic background, covering 77% of the genome, generated using FLP-mediated recombination between pairs of FRT sites. About 500 lines are available.

>>> Stock list

Detail information will be obtained from DrosDel home page at University of Cambridge, UK.

DrosDel Core Deletion Kit: modified by DGRC Kyoto

Since some stocks are not kept in DGRC Kyoto, we offer a modified DrosDel Core Deletion Kit. The total coverage becomes smaller than the original.


Df(1)ED6558  -> Not Available
Df(2R)ED1874 -> Df(2R)ED8864 
Df(3L)ED229  -> Df(3L)ED228
Df(3R)ED5416 -> Df(3R)ED5428 and Df(3R)ED5454
Chromosome ArmDrosDel Deletion ID#linesLink
XDf(1)ED***41>>> Stock list
2LDf(2L)ED***48>>> Stock list
2RDf(2R)ED***29>>> Stock list
3LDf(3L)ED***35>>> Stock list
3RDf(3R)ED***53>>> Stock list
4Df(4)ED***3>>> Stock list
All autosomes-168>>> Stock list
All Core Kit-209>>> Stock list
First 80 lines80>>> Stock list
Second 80 lines80>>> Stock list
Rest 49 lines49>>> Stock list

NOTE: Some strains may be temporarily deleted from the list owing to unavoidable circumstances.

The original DrosDel core deletion kit can be found at

T. Ohsako

DrosDel Starter Kit

All Starter Strains >>> Stock list

150535123-41w[1118] / Dp(1;Y)y[+]; noc[Sco] / SM6a
150536123-43w[1118] / Dp(1;Y)y[+]; TM2 / TM6C, Sb[1]
150537123-49w[1118] / Dp(1;Y)y[+]; Dr[*] P{ry[+t7.2]=Delta2-3}99B / TM6C, Sb[1]
150538123-53y[1] w[1118] P{ry[+t7.2]=70FLP}3F
150539123-54y[1] w[1118] P{ry[+t7.2]=70FLP}3F / Dp(1;Y)y[+]; noc[Sco] / SM6a
150540123-55y[1] w[1118] P{ry[+t7.2]=70FLP}3F / Dp(1;Y)y[+]; TM2 / TM6C, Sb[1]
150541123-58w[1118]; noc[Sco]/SM6b, P{ry[+t7.2]=70FLP}7
150542123-65P{w[+mW.Scer\FRT.hs]=RS3}l(1)CB-6411-3[1], w[1118] / FM7h
150543123-66w[1118] / Dp(1;Y)y[+], P{w[+mW.Scer\FRT.hs]=RS3}CB-0560-3
150544123-72w[1118] / Dp(1;Y)y[+]; wg[Gla-1] / CyO

Carry marked Y, Dp(1;Y)y+ or not?

Many of the DrosDel stocks are likely to carry the marked Y, Dp(1;Y)y+, but some are not. If you need to check whether your received stocks carry it or not, check the males for the Hw phenotype. Males of X / Dp(1;Y)y+ have one or more humeral microchaetae.

See FlyBase for Dp(1;Y)y+: FBab0010476.html

No balancer?

The DrosDel lines are established as balanced stocks as described, but some lines have lost their balancer chromosomes. Because not all of DrosDel lines are lethal or sterile, even if they are deficiency chromosome lines, the lines of which homozygotes are viable and fertile may have been fixed as homozygous lines for their insertion chromosome. We do not check the present status of homozygosity of each line. Please carefully examine the line before you use.


  • Edward Ryder, Fiona Blows, Michael Ashburner, Rosa Bautista-Llacer, Darin Coulson, Jenny Drummond, Jane Webster, David Gubb, Nicola Gunton, Glynnis Johnson, Cahir J. O'Kane, David Huen, Punita Sharma, Zoltan Asztalos, Heiko Baisch, Janet Schulze, Maria Kube, Kathrin Kittlaus, Gunter Reuter, Peter Maroy, Janos Szidonya, Åsa Rasmuson-Lestander, Karin Ekström, Barry Dickson, Christoph Hugentobler, Hugo Stocker, Ernst Hafen, Jean Antoine Lepesant, Gert Pflugfelder, Martin Heisenberg, Bernard Mechler, Florenci Serras, Montserrat Corominas, Stephan Schneuwly, Thomas Preat, John Roote and Steven Russell. The DrosDel collection: a set of P-element insertions for generating custom chromosomal aberrations in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics, Vol. 167, 797-813, June 2004 doi: 10.1534/genetics.104.026658.
  • Edward Ryder, Michael Ashburner, Rosa Bautista-Llacer, Jenny Drummond, Jane Webster, Glynnis Johnson, Terri Morley, Yuk Sang Chan, Fiona Blows, Darin Coulson, Gunter Reuter, Heiko Baisch, Christian Apelt, Andreas Kauk, Thomas Rudolph, Maria Kube, Melanie Klimm, Claudia Nickel, Janos Szidonya, Peter Maróy, Margit Pal, Åsa Rasmuson-Lestander, Karin Ekström, Hugo Stocker, Christoph Hugentobler, Ernst Hafen, David Gubb, Gert Pflugfelder, Christian Dorner, Bernard Mechler, Heide Schenkel, Joachim Marhold, Florenci Serras, Montserrat Corominas, Adrià Punset, John Roote and Steven Russell. The DrosDel Deletion Collection: A Drosophila Genomewide Chromosomal Deficiency Resource. Genetics, Vol. 177, 615-629, September 2007 doi:10.1534/genetics.107.076216

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